Setting Up Transactional SMS

txnhog currently supports sending transactional sms messages via Twilio. You'll need to setup your Twilio account, if you haven't already, and then you're ready to proceed linking it to txnhog. Note: Your Twilio account MUST be funded and not a trial account. Trial accounts *cannot* access the API.

Adding Your Twilio Account

Before you can send an SMS from your newly created Twilio account, you'll need to create a SMS number to send from. Head to the Manage Phone Numbers section of the Twilio dashboard, and pick out a number to send from.

As indicated by the arrows above, you'll need your Account SID and Auth Token from Twilio. You can access those on your Twilio Dash here.

Add th Account SID and Auth Token along with your new Twilio number to the txnhog Twilio settings, and press Save. Don't forget to include the + symbol and the country code ie +19512519987 rather than just 9512519987.

If everything is correct, your settings will save and you'll be ready to create your first transactional SMS. If not, the system will return a notice letting you know what you need to fix.

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