Your First Message Template


Creating your first template is quick and easy. Name your template, choose a type, and add your content. You can customize the template through the use of tags.


Tags / variables are used to customize the content of your messages. For example,

Hi {{name}}! Welcome aboard, the show starts at {{showTime}}.

In the above example, both {{name}} and {{showTime}} are variable tags that will be replaced with an appropriate value when your message is sent. you can use any number of tag variables, and you can name them anything you wish (no spaces or special characters).

Test it out!

Let's create a quick test. Make a new transaction template, and choose SMS for the type. Use the above example for the content of the message, then save the template.

With your message created and saved, scroll down the section labeled "API & Message Key". We'll use the information here in just a moment.

To quickly see your message in action, we'll use a tool REQBIN to trigger your message template. Later you can use Zapier or write your own code, but this is a great way to test out txnhog.

We'll use the information from your txnhog message template to fill out this quick test. Each of the numbers below correlates to the same number on the above image.

  1. Put your POST URL here

  2. Select POST from the dropdown

  3. Make sure you've selected "Content"

  4. Select "Form URL Encoded"

  5. Paste the following here, replacing [YOUR API KEY] with the apiKey found on your txnhog page, and [YOUR MOBILE NUMBER] with the number you wish the sms to go to.

name=Shawn Spencer
showTime=8PM PST (be early!)

Once the above is all correct, please "Send", and the right side of the REQBIN page should return an OK message. If there is an error, it will be displayed and indicate what you need to fix.

By now you should have received your SMS message. Congratulations, you just sent your first fully templated transactional message!

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